Whether you are new to clip in hair extensions, or you have had the experience of utilising them in the past, it is undeniably a smart idea to revitalise your understanding on ways to take great care of your clip in hair extensions.

Proper upkeep and upkeep is crucial if you wish to secure these valuable pieces of your appeal toolbox. Clip in ponytail hair extensions are investments, so you desire them to be beneficial and in excellent condition for many years to come. With proper care and attention, your clip in coloured hair extensions will remain in excellent condition.

Just follow these hair extensions care suggestions:

The lifespan of the clip in hair extensions

With sufficient care and maintenance, high-quality clip in extensions can last for 12 months or even longer. The longevity or durability of your clip in human hair extensions will depend upon how often you utilise them and the care you offer when it is not in usage.

One essential piece of details that you need to remember is that clip in hair extensions do not have a consistent source of wetness. Thus it is necessary to utilise hydrating items that will assist in reducing dryness, breakage, and dullness problems.

Establishing a hair extensions care regular is essential if you want to keep them pristine through the years. Great keeping practices will result in longer long lasting hair extensions. For instance, if you buy human hair wigs online and it came to you in a box, use that same box for storage. Keep hair extensions in a dry and cool location and make sure to comb them effectively before saving in their respective storage boxes.

Avoid tangling at all costs.

Tangling is a common issue among clip hair extensions users. Even the most expensive Remy hair extensions can get twisted. The cause of hair tangling is the continuous friction between hair extensions and real hair which is inevitable. To keep those clip in hair extensions devoid of tangles, we highly recommend that you save them away after use. Don’t sleep on them or get them went swimming in the pool or at the beach. Brush your hair extensions before keeping them in their boxes and before wearing them. Utilize a brush that is specifically produced hair extensions.